What is this scan for?


There can be abnormalities in general swellings, lumps on the body including the salivary glands.


It is common for swellings or lumps to develop however, some that may cause concern are, masses, cysts, or haematomas.


The salivary glands are located on the sides of the face and below the tongue can develop swellings and lumps too. This is because several important nerves and other structures run through or near salivary glands and can be affected by salivary tumors. Possible signs and symptoms include:


  • A mass or lump in your face, neck, or mouth
  • Ongoing pain in one place in your face, neck, or mouth
  • A difference between the size and/or shape of the left and right sides of your face or neck
  • Numbness in part of your face
  • New weakness of the muscles on one side of your face
  • Trouble swallowing


What does this scan show?


This scan can assess soft tissue lumps and swellings giving an indication of whether they are solid or cystic in nature. It will check the size, shape and origin of any swelling or lump on your skin or palpable swelling or lump.


The Ultrasound Scan Procedure


Ultrasound is safe, non-invasive and does not use ionizing radiation. During the ultrasound scan the sonographer will place a warm water-based gel on the area to be examined, and will then press firmly on the skin with an ultrasound probe, moving it around until they have obtained the desired images. The ultrasound scan has no known risks and is usually pain free. When the scan is completed the gel can be wiped off easily using tissue.


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