Statement of Purpose

Health and Social Care Act 2008


Mibahealth Ltd

Location: 35 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9EN



1.  Provider’s name and legal status
CQC provider ID  1-2784014396
Legal status Individual   Partnership   Organisation  X  



2.  Provider’s address, including for service of notices and other documents
Business address 35 Rodney Street
Town/city Liverpool
County Merseyside
Post code L1 9EN
Business telephone 0151 708 6849
Electronic mail (email)






Mibahealth Ltd (also referred to as Mibahealth and MIBA Health) is committed to our four core principles of trust, transparency, quality and support which we aim to reflect throughout the organisation. 


Regulated Activities:


  • Diagnostic and screening procedures
  • Personal care
  • Transport services, triage and medical advice provided remotely


Services are delivered by the practice from our purpose built health centre shared with a CQC regulated Dental Practice and a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler. The clinic operates autonomously.


Mibahealth is a private polyclinic open to all customers wishing to use our services. Our services include the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of illness both physical and mental, health promotion and lifestyle advice, screening and preventative services, personal domiciliary care and other related services.




To improve the health, well-being and lives of those we care for through the delivery of the highest quality services available.


Our mission is to fulfil the healthcare needs of our patients by exceeding their expectations for service, quality and value for money. 


We strive to provide an exceptional personalised service, by going the extra mile to create a pleasant experience and satisfactory end result, thereby earning our patient’s long-term loyalty.


We strive to motivate our employees to provide exceptional service to our patients by supporting their development, providing opportunities for personal growth and amply compensating them for their successes and achievements. 


We believe it is crucial to our success to promote staff to serve as examples of success for others to follow.


Our goal is to be the best polyclinic Practice in Liverpool.


Our success will be measured by our satisfied patients and motivated staff, which will bring growth and long-term profitability.




The clinic is committed to continually improving quality and range of services and manner in which they can be accessed, working in partnership with patients and staff within national and local guidance and regulations.  The clinic will strive to provide the highest quality, evidence based healthcare to those who are ill, believe themselves to be ill and through the provision of information and screening promote healthy living and prevent ill health.





  • To ensure that the provision of services is in a safe, clean and effective environment
  • To ensure all staff are appropriately qualified and competent for the roles they undertake and that they are given support, training and equipment to deliver a high quality service.
  • To involve the service users in all aspects of their care, reflecting patient choice where possible and including health promotion advice and information on treatment and investigations being offered.
  • To provide a high quality medical service to all patients without discrimination.
  • To work in partnership with patients, carers and families to ensure a positive patient experience.
  • To maintain and promote an organisational structure where all staff and service users are treated with respect and dignity.
  • To continuously consider the needs of our service users by listening to what they say, encouraging them to talk to us and supporting and promoting the patient representative group.
  • Promote best practice through the utilisation of specialist expertise within the clinic team and externally promoting professional development of all members of the clinic team.





Mibahealth believes that the following statements describe our values which we aim to uphold on a daily basis as part of our service.


We believe all customers receiving care have a right to:

  • Be treated as an individual with unique needs and requirements that must be respected and every effort must be made to meet those needs
  • Be cared for by empathetic, caring and capable individuals who are able to meet their needs
  • Be treated equally and no less favourably than others
  • Be met with understanding and respect in relation to their cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs
  • Receive a flexible and responsive service in relation to their healthcare needs
  • Be cared for in an environment that fosters trust, understanding, transparency and support to ensure they feel safe and cared for
  • Be informed about all decisions that affect them and ensure they are supported to have their say
  • Have their privacy both for themselves and their belongings protected and maintained
  • Be support and promoted to think independently and make their own choices
  • Be supported to complain about anything they feel is unfair or unjust and have their complaint listened to and responded to in line with company policy





Mibahealth provides a wide range of healthcare services to individuals from our polyclinic facility at 35 Rodney Street and living in their own homes independently.



  • Diagnostic and screening procedures (DSS)

This service manages the provision of a private ultrasound scanning service. This involves usage of state-of-the-art imaging equipment to allow for the provision of a full diagnostic imaging service.


The service is appointment driven. People requiring a scan book an appointment by telephone or online on the company’s website.


  • Personal care (DCC, CHC)

Our Personal Care Agency provides a range of care and support services to adults (18-65), including those with learning difficulties, mental health problems, physical disabilities and associated problems living in their own homes.


We currently offer the following areas of care:

  • Light domestic task such as hovering, changing bed linen and dusting
  • Personal care services
  • Support with meal preparation
  • Companionship


Mibahealth will work with the Service User and others that are significant in the Service User lives to help design the care and support plans to meet the individual needs. Each Service User will own their care and support plan and this will be tailored to the individual to ensure inclusion and understanding. A copy of the care and support plan will be provided to the individual and a copy retained in the agency office.


  • Transport services, triage and medical advice provided remotely (RCA)

This service is provided under the brand name, Click Medica Online, and allows people to speak to a highly trained healthcare professional online to get urgent medical advice remotely for a range of common symptoms.


Click Medica is responsive, i.e. for immediate attention or action. The healthcare professional that is connected to the user remotely will provide them with immediate medical advice during their consultation. Furthermore, depending on the degree of urgency of their symptoms, Click Medica is designed to allocate priority bookings, and even match the user with an appropriately specialised healthcare professional, subject to the availability of the healthcare professional.





Adults aged 18-65  X Adults aged 65+    
Mental health   Sensory impairment    
Physical disability   People detained under the Mental Health Act    
Dementia   People who misuse drugs or alcohol    
People with an eating disorder   Learning difficulties or autistic disorder    
Children aged 0 – 3 years   Children aged 4-12   Children aged 13-18    
The whole population   Other (please specify below)    


We will provide support to individuals who directly approach Mibahealth and ask for our services and those who have been referred us.


Healthcare services will be provided on the clear understanding that:


  • Each individuals needs will be carefully assessed
  • The healthcare service provided falls under our CQC registration to provide the regulated activity
  • The work force has the competency and experience to meet the needs of the individual, or in some cases specialist support and/ or training will be sought to meet the needs of the individual.





Mibahealth operates a robust recruitment and selection process that is undertaken prior to any offer of employment. This includes a DBS check and professional references.


We then require all potential staff to undergo and pass their induction training to take up their position with Mibahealth which incorporates all mandatory training for the services we are provide.


All staff are required to work through a probationary period where further training is undertaken. The testing of competency of staff is undertaken on an ongoing basis to ensure skills gaps are identified and addressed.


All our staff have regular supervisions, spot checks, appraisals and staff meetings to ensure they are supported in their roles.


Mibahealth is committed to fostering a culture that supports and promotes the development and reinvestment in staff. All staff will be committed to obtaining continuing training and qualifications before recruitment and on successful completion of their probationary period.


Mibahealth will assign care workers to customers taking into account the capabilities of each staff member and the requirements of the customer to ensure they are equally matched.




Mibahealth Ltd is a private limited company registered in the UK.




10.1     Manager’s full name Jacqueline Claire Dallas


10.2     Regulated activity(ies) managed by this manager
Personal care  X  
Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care    
Accommodation for persons who require treatment for substance abuse    
Accommodation and nursing or personal care in the further education sector    
Treatment of disease, disorder or injury    
Assessment or medical treatment for persons detained under the Mental Health Act    
Surgical procedures    
Diagnostic and screening procedures  X  
Management of supply of blood and blood derived products etc    
Transport services, triage and medical advice provided remotely  X  
Maternity and midwifery services    
Termination of pregnancies    
Services in slimming clinics    
Nursing care    
Family planning service    


Date: 20/09/2016

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